We Can Do More…The 2019 Stewardship Campaign will begin on Sunday, October 21st and conclude on Nov 18, our Consecration Sunday when we will have a single service at 10:00 am. We will turn in our pledge cards during the service, making our commitment to CLC for 2019, followed by a luncheon. Please plan to join us for the celebration/thank you luncheon, hear the results of the pledge campaign. Make your luncheon reservations early!

Throughout the campaign, we will show you the impact your contributions have on the community and within our church. Hope you can join us at worship; we will have speakers telling our story. On November 4th, Georgia Suranofsky, a mission interpreter will speak at both services and November 11th will be a client of New Bethany Ministries accompanied by Pamela Lewis at 11:00am and a presentation of New Bethany’s ministries at 8:30am.

What we do matters, and We Can Do More, with your help.