Join Pastor Phil in the church library every Sunday, 9:45 am to 10:45 am. Extend your hour of worship with an hour of Adult Christian Education.

“Embracing an Alternative Orthodoxy” Father Richard Rohr on the Legacy of St. Francis.


Atonement Theology — Why did Jesus die?
Eco-spirituality — What does it mean for humanity to “Subdue” the earth?
The Cosmic Christ — God in all things
Orthodoxy vs. Orthopraxy — The difference between correct belief and correct practice of faith
Mysticism — Having a faith in which you sense a oneness with God, others, and creation

“The people who know God well, the mystics, hermits, prayerful people, those who risk everything to find God, always meet a lover not a dictator.” ~ Richard Rohr

These topics will be addressed thru a DVD presentation and work books for each participant. Join Pastor Phil as we delve deeply into these relevant topics of faith, life and the future of Christianity.