COUNCIL WOULD LIKE YOUR FEEDBACK! Our newly elected and installed Church council will retreat to focus, bond, and plan for the future. Can you help us? At this year’s retreat, Sunday, February 23, we would like to review answers to the questions below.

You are welcome to submit in written form. Just print out this page, write your answers below and place it in the offering plate.

Or you are welcome to submit via email. Copy the questions below, then click the church office email link:, paste the questions into the email and type your answers and hit send.

Lastly, you may submit online at

Our office administrator will collate the responses, without attaching names. We value your opinion in shaping the direction of our church.


1. Why do you attend Christ Lutheran Church services?     

2. What do you receive from your church service attendance and participation in our church community?   

3. In the last year, have you noticed any changes at Christ Lutheran that are positive? If so, please explain.   

4. What is one thing you would like to see changed or improved about Christ Lutheran