Do you remember confirmation? I remember the confirmation retreats, girls, mission trips, girls, and sleepovers, girls…  I think a lot of content came from those events, even though not much was taught…it was lived by the adults that I interacted with.

I always say, “Faith is not taught, it’s caught!” Caught by youth as well as adults who are exposed to people who live lives centered in Grace, Love, Forgiveness, and Peace. Centered in what Jesus taught.

Are you interested in passing on “Faith” to our youth? What do we as a church want passed on? Who is Jesus? Who or What is God?  What is heaven and hell? What is the purpose of our lives?  What about Jews and Muslims, are they God’s children too? What did Jesus teach? Does Jesus have an effect on your life and how you live?

Just because a person can memorize the Creed, the 10 Commandments, or the Lord ’s Prayer, doesn’t mean they have faith.

Our world is changing. The answers I learned in confirmation are not the same answers I live with today.

I desire to pass on a faith that is helpful, trustworthy, and centered on what Jesus taught and how Jesus lived.

Are you interested in passing on the faith?  Do you have ideas for trips, service projects, social events…so that we can build a confirmation program that transforms hearts, minds, and lives?  A transformative ministry that we will open to all youth, not only those in our church.

It is upon my heart that God is calling us to inspire our youth with more than sports, I-phones, social media, and education.  How can we help parents raise well rounded youth with hearts of Christ?

Will you be part of a “Think Tank” to help us revision Confirmation? Please email or call the church office with your ideas for the new revision.  (610) 838-0400 or