Children’s Learning Center




Our philosophy is reflected in the individual needs of our children in our program. The ages of the children in a class determine the type of sequential education offered in each room. Your child will participate in the following activities on a regular basis: gross motor skills, open-ended art projects, music, fine motor skills, and inside and outside play. All activities are age appropriate for children in the classroom.

The following programs are offered at our center:

Infants-6 weeks to 12 months

Our precious infants are cared for with love and tenderness. The teachers interact with the infants by singing songs, reading stories and playtime. 

Toddler 1-12 year to 18-20 months

This room focuses on promoting positive social/emotional relationships with other children and fostering the children’s developing independence.  Language skills, colors and shapes are introduced through games, music, books and art activities. 

Toddler 2-20 months to bathroom independent

Our Toddler 2 classroom provides the perfect transition from Toddler 1 to our Preschool Classroom.  Children become more comfortable using utensils like spoons, paintbrushes, markers and crayons.  Toddler 2 teacher also focus on completing the process of bathroom independence of each child at their own pace.   

Preschool-3 years (must be bathroom independent)

This class is where children can play and learn. In a relaxed atmosphere, children will have an opportunity to gain skills in social relationships, coordination and expand their thinking skills. They will learn colors, shapes, and age appropriate math and language skills. Morning Program 9:00am to 12:00pm. Extended care available for both before and after the morning program.

Pre-Kindergarten 1 (3.5 to 4 years)

Children will learn skills needed to be successful in reading and math. Letter recognition, forming letters, phonics, recognizing sets of objects and their corresponding numbers are some of the skills they will work on. Morning Program offered 9:00am to 12:00pm.  

 Pre-Kindergarten 2 (must be 4 by September 1)  

Children will be prepared for kindergarten by teaching foundational math and reading skills.  They will work on letter sound recognition as well as sight words all while continuing to foster the child’s social and emotional development. 


School Age-K thru 4th Grade

Before and after school care. Care is also available for enrolled students for early dismissals and “No School” Days. Children are given time and help with homework.  Various activities are available for the children to participate in.

We also offer a full day Summer Program for our School Age children!  Weekly field trips, swimming and other fun activities are offered to ensure your child has a great summer!